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Riverhounds Play To A Draw In Final Regular Season Home Match

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2013 soccer Kickers at Riverhounds-120-2
Although this was a draw, The Riverhounds and Kickers match on Saturday Night was Action Packed.   Both teams would play tight in the first half rendering very few opportunities, but as the match went on things began to open up.   Both teams would score midway through the second half but would hold firm there.  Final on Saturday,1-1. The Riverhounds would score first in the 64th minute as league leader in goals and points Jose Angulo would score on a feed from Rob Vincent.  It was Angulo’s...

Here Are Some More Images From The Riverhound vs Tampa Bay Game

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Here are some more images from Sunday Afternoons Playoff Clinching Victory over Tampa Bay.

Riverhounds Clinch Playoff Position With Win Over Tampa

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2013 TB at Riverhounds 3-2-594
The Pittsburgh Riverhounds were able to clinch a spot in the Playoffs with a victory over Tampa on Sunday.  The Final Score Was 3-2. All of the scoring from the match took place in the second half to provide the fans with the excitement they had come to see. The first goal was scored by Jose Angulo on a penalty kick at the 53rd minute of the match.   That would put the Riverhounds up 1-0. That would be a lead they would not relinquish. The second goal was scored just seven minutes later as Rob...

Here Are Some Images From Sunday’s Riverhounds vs. Hammerhead Game

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Here are a few images from Sunday’s game against the Wilmington Hammerheads.  All photo’s courtesy of Staff Photographer, Julio Torres.

Riverhounds Close A Big Week Out With Win Over Hammerheads 2-1

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The Riverhounds went into this past weeks play looking for a couple of victories as they vie for playoff contention.  After a draw on Wednesday, they were able to grab a victory against the Hammerheads on Sunday by the score of 2-1. They played to a draw against Orlando on Wednesday night as both teams played well.  The defense guided play for most of the evening though each team had opportunities.   Neither team was able to capitalize on those opportunities and the Riverhounds would hold for...

Here Are Some Images From Last Nights Game Against Blues

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Here are some images from last night’s game against the Blues.   The Riverhounds dropped their second game at home this weekend as the Blues won by the score of 2-1.   All images by Julio Torres.

Here Are Some Images From The Riverhounds Game On July Fourth

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Photo by Julio Torres Photo by Julio Torres                               Photo by Julio Torres                   Photo by Julio Torres   Photo by Julio Torres                 Photo by Julio Torres                       photo by Julio Torres                 Photo...

Riverhounds Fall To Eagles 3-2

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The Pittsburgh Riverhounds were looking for fireworks on the Fourth of July as they played the Charlotte Eagles.    By the end of the match, it was the Eagles that would supply the fireworks as they would edge the Riverhounds by the score of 3-2. The Riverhounds would get the scoring off to a start as Amoo would take a cross from Dallman to score the games first goal 15 minutes in the game.   Charlotte would get that one back shortly after to tie the match up. Andrew Marshall would give the Hounds...

Photos From Sunday’s Riverhound’s Game Against Antigua

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These are photos from Sunday’s game with Riverhounds Hosting Antigua.   These were all taken by our Photographer Julio Torres.  We hope you enjoy them.

Riverhounds Beat Barracuda 4-1, Unbeaten In 10 Straight Games

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The Pittsburgh Riverhounds hosted Antigua today and after 90 minutes, it was clear The Hounds were too much as they closed out the Barracuda by the score of 4-1. The Riverhounds got the scoring off to a fast start as they would mark first in the sixth minute with a half-volley by Darren Amoo.   His first of the game.   Antigua would tie the game up shortly after that.  This game was back and forth for most of the first half, though not that many chances. The Goal Keeper for Antigua would surrender...